Shaista Wahidi third Marriage

Shaista Wahidi third Marriage
Shaista Wahidi third Marriage
Dr. Shaista Wahidi Geo Host and Model who is now a days is Shaista Lodhi has got divorce from few days back from Wahidi is now going to marry Shakeel-ur-Rehman, who is the owner of GEO TV network. According to the media, this is the third marriage of Dr. Shaista. The brother of Shaista, Sahir Lodhi has passed the comments about her divorce. It is assumed that Shaista Wahidi got divorced at that time when Mr. Khalil-ur-Rehman proposed her for marriage. She is a mother of three children.
Her brother, Sahir Lodhi can also be seen on GEO TV show, 10 kay bad With Sahir. Dr.Shaista Wahidi is much loved by her fans and she seems to be very nice and nobel lady , mother, daughter and sister but how come she turned to be a wife like this. What are the reasons behind that she decided to marry Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rehman? There are many things behind the scene that viewers don’t know. It is hopeful that Dr.Shaista Wahidi herself answers the queries of her fans.
Do you Know about Shaista Wahidi Second Marriage
She became Shaista Wahidi after marrying Waqar Wahidi on January 17, 1999. She has two sons and one daughter: Shafay (1999), Faiz (2002) and Eeman (2004). In October 2012, she got divorced from her husband.
Shaista Wahidi Weddings
Shaista Wahidi and her Children-Two Sons Shafay and Faiz and One Daughter  Eeman (2004
Shaista Wahidi
Shaista Wahidi with her second husband-Waqar Wahidi


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